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This is Ningbo FuChuan Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in precise high speed punching machines. We are reliable partner in high speed punching fields with strong abilities, brilliant technologies.

Our company was established in 2001, the headquarter is in Cixi city, Ningbo,China. With the running concepts of “Quality First, services are crucial, honest business, feedback society”. After so many years development and expanding,now we have many branch offices in Guangzhou province, Chongqing city, Shandong province, Jiangsu province, and some other places of Zhejiang province, the total covered area is more than 15000 square meters, and becomes the expert in production of precise high speed punching machine.

The capacity of our punching press machines covers from C-frame 16 tons to portal type frame 300 tons, maximum S.P.M. Can reach 1000. We adopt many creative and advanced technologies such as whole-casted body, eccentric shaft point design, dynamic balancing device, separated clutch and brake, saw tooth oil pressure lock, forced circulation lubrication, touching-operated screen numerical controller,etc., and we use super quality imported bearings of European and Japanese, all these efforts make our machine can protect the moulds well, easy operation, high accuracy, rarely fails. All our punching machines passed ISO9001, CE, and other certificates, reach the world’s top similar products. Our clients apply our punching machine to many fields like automotive, home appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, hardware and so on.

Affordable prices, excellent quality, professional services, wide range of practical, so that our products not only are well sold in the domestic marketing with rising selling every year, but also exported to all over the world with quite excellent responses.

Welcome you here, and we sincerely hope to cooperate with you, which is mutual benefit and win-win.

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