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    FHD-80 High Speed Punching press machine

    High Speed Punching press machine, punching press machine

    1. Detailed information

    Model No.FHD-80
    Stroke: 【Slide Stroke】20/30/40/50mm
    Capacity:【Normal Pressure】


    Die height:【Max. Die height】365/360/355/350 mm
    Speed per minuteS.P.M 200-600/200-600/200-500/200-500 Times/min
    Bolster Area:【Bolster size】1200x750 mm
    Slide Area:【Working table size】1200x500 mm
    Side Adjustment:Die-height Adjustment50 mm
    Bed opening:【Blanking hole】 1100*180mm
    Motor: 【Main Motor】30x4 HP *Kw
    Gross Weight:   19000 Kg
    Dimensions : 238x165x336 mm

    ◎ By using 4 or 6 round pillars structure, can minimize the dynamic friction. Therefore, in the case of continuous operation for a long time, the heat generation is very tiny to ensure the accuracy of the press, and to prevent damage to the mold, extend the life of the mold.

     The machine Body is made of excellent tensile strength cast iron alloy with excellent shock-absorbing properties, which passed the testing of the national quality inspection department, even at high speed stamping and high speed feeding, the body is still calm with small vibration, can ensure the long-term accuracy of the machine.

     There are both manual and electric way to adjust the mold height, so it's easy to operate.

     The unique homeostasis design, which can balance the crankshaft vibration during high-speed operation of the slider produced, control the lower dead point accuracy.

     All bearing are imported from Japan with precise properties, precision, long life, effective in ensuring good performance of the machine.

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